E-Bikes to suit all riders

E-Bikes (or electric bikes) are fast becoming a popular way to get around. Electric motors provide power on demand to make cycling a breeze, both uphill and on the flat.

E-bike technology means everyone can enjoy the health benefits of cycling without the physical exertion of a regular bike. Enjoy the fresh air, wide roads and incredible trails Perth has on offer, with a little help from an electric motor when you need it.

The great thing about electric bikes is the wide range of styles now available. Here at Midland Cycles we have e-bikes for everybody:

  • Electric mountain bikes
  • Electric commuter bikes
  • Speed-limited bikes
  • Electric hybrid bikes
  • Pedelec (pedal assist) models
  • Throttle-based power on demand models

E-bikes are safe, sticking well within speed limits on the road while providing an extra push from the electric motor when you need it. They are convenient for people who want to reduce their environmental footprint on the daily work commute. They are accessible for people who love cycling but can’t quite muster enough pedal power.

Most of all, e-bikes are fun! And thanks to a booming market and innovative bike manufacturers making leaps and bounds with the technology, they are sleek and stylish whether you’re on an electric mountain bike cruising down a bush trailor a Pedelec commuter cruising the city streets. 

Midland Cycles: E-Bikes for the whole family

Visit Midland Cycles to discover the freedom and ease of e-bikes with our wide range of sizes and styles. We have electric bikes for kids, teenagers, parents and grandparents, with decades of cycling expertise to find the right bike for everyone.