Adventure-ready gravel bikes at Midland Cycles

Also known as adventure bikes, gravel bikes are gaining popularity in Perth as gravel grinding becomes a weekend way of life for cycling enthusiasts. Built to be perform during off-road adventures and sealed road riding, gravel bikes are the ultimate in versatility and durability.

Midland Cycles stocks a wide selection of gravel bikes. If you’re interested in getting out on Perth’s gravel tracks, but still want a bike that can get you to work during the week and is comfortable on multi-terrain rides, then a gravel bike might be the perfect solution.

Gravel bikes step up performance on rough terrain compared to more leisure-oriented hybrid bikes. Compared to Cyclocross (CX) bikes they are less aggressive and more comfortable, designed for versatility over longer distances.

Put simply, these bikes are built for adventure. Gravel grinding combines off-road and sealed road riding in one high-energy sport. To tackle medium-distance routes combining gravel, dirt and asphalt, gravel cyclists need an adventure road bike that’s tough and comfortable.

Gravel bikes generally feature a stiff frame, disk brakes, with frame geometry designed for predictability on and off the road. These multipurpose machines can be used for short journeys, all-day adventures and multi-day trips with the right panier attachments.

Discover adventure at Midland Cycles

Come and visit the team at Midland Cycles to test ride a gravel bike today, or simply explore the possibilities of where an adventure road bike can take you.

Our team can get your fitted with the right bike plus all the gear you need for safe, fun adventures around Perth.